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The research

We aim to find and select products that accurately reflect the history, the tradition, and the soul of lands and people from all around the world. Our goal is to make them known within our country through devotion and passion.

Selection criteria

Search for premium quality artisan products.  Usually we have the honor to divulge our work philosophy with the small realities formed around us. Together with them, we become part of a deep cultural activity which is centered around the development and communication of the product's intrinsic values among the true experts of the wine, champagne and spirits sector.

Search for products 

We are constantly assessing new markets and new tendencies, and this makes us a strong reference point for all those people who want to differentiate themselves from a standardized offer. 

Search for alternatives to multinational brands

This is dedicated to professional mixologists, wine makers and champagne makers that are committed to offering diversity, high quality standard, authenticity and affordability. Usually, it refers to searching for products from independently-owned vineyards that are well-known in the local market but not related to multinational corporations.

The distribution

We have always been flexible and respectful towards all the intermediaries across the distribution channel. Our care for both our products and clients is conveyed through a coherent price policy. We devote a lot of resources to training and formation regarding all the products characteristics and with respect to their different uses. The attentive distribution and the clients' high standards are guaranteed for both producers and aforementioned clients, which we have the pleasure to work with. 

The company

We are a young company made of great expertise and professional enthusiasm. Our highly-qualified team has first-hand experience of all the changes that have shaped our sector. This group of people is dedicated to continuously anticipate new trends by means of personal and unconventional interpretation.

What we want for our clients

Human beings need pleasure for themselves and to share it with others.  The pleasure of taste comes from the flavor, the balance, the unique tone of what we eat, and the chance to extend that feeling of community as much as possible and without missing out on personal wellbeing.  This can be achieved only if the initial raw materials derive from a respectful and natural agriculture. Their manufacturing process towards final good must also follow artisanal techniques and should be carried out by expert artists. When selecting a product, a brand, and a company it is important to understand their philosophy and to gain insights on their cultural “actions” towards the making of the final good. Our search for premium products always follows this path.  

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